"I tried the Blue Crab Pie, for the first time and I was blown away. It is truly the best I have ever had. I promise to be a customer for life. Thanks for your product!!!!!!!!!!! "

David Cline


"I felt compelled to write and tell you how delicious your blue crab pie is.  I just had it and, as a born and bred Marylander, did not expect to be blown away... but I am.  I will definitely be buying more.  Great job! "

A. Darnell



"I like your Olde Virginia products, which I purchase at Harris Teeter.  Tonight I had the Blue Crab Pie, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Keep up the good work."

B. Purks


"Just ate your frozen crab pie purchased on promotion from Harris Teeter. They were terrific. I hope you maintain that relationship so we can enjoy your products in the WDC metro area."  

B. Arry


"I have had the great pleasure of eating your Blue Crab Pie and it is absolutely wonderful. I was raised on Virginia's western shore of the Chesapeake in White Stone, on the Rappahannock, so I am quite persnickety about handing out compliments on anyone's crab recipe. You have nailed it! 

and thank you for making such a great product that does justice to the sweetness of our beloved blue crab and the skill of our foremothers in creating such delicacies."

B. Christ


"I picked up one of your scallop & bacon 5 oz pies and just finished it off. Wow; you folks knocked it out of the park. It's 9:30 PM and I'm headed back up to buy the rest of them. I feel bad that others are not going to find any in stock...a little."

S. Hill


"I am 71 and have always fought for women's rights and I don't eat beef. So, this past week while looking @ fresh & frozen fish @ my local Giant (in Hanover, PA), I saw a new product and my eye zeroed in on the "the female owned." Of course, I'm going to get it even though there was a little trepidation concerning the price and the size. Usually for that price I can get two meals out of it. But not to worry, it's female owned. Well, I ate it this evening and it was just outstanding. I'm sort of glad there was only one meal because I would have probably heated up the second and eaten it as soon as possible. I told my friend about it in Denver and told her to look for it in Whole Food. And we'd probably pay a lot more for it in a restaurant. Believe me, I do intend to bug Giant's fish department when they are low or even -- forbid -- out of it. I'm sure you've heard this a million times -- you have an outstanding product, plus it's female owned. Thank you (Sorry I was long but when I like something I can't stop talking about it.)"

 R. Bennett