Our Mission

The Van Cleve family had a mission to share their pie with the rest of America, but after they closed the restaurant they knew the chances of  getting crab pie on supermarket shelves were dwindling. When the youngest daughter, Monica, saw an opportunity to get crab pie on supermarket shelves by showcasing the beloved dish on Supermarket Superstars, she knew it was a great opportunity to introduce crab pie to a national audience. 


Monica passionately competed against other products in the “Dinner Entree” category on the reality series and was determined to make her family proud. Although Monica didn't ultimately win, she took away an incredible experience and the fire and passion it takes to get a product on supermarket shelves. 

       This all women, family owned business is now in full swing with getting crab pie and other gourmet seafood dishes to all seafood lovers across the country and beyond!