Where are your products made? 

All products are made-by-hand in state inspected and licensed food production facilities.

Where can I find your products? 

Orders may be placed directly with us on our secure web site, high-end gourmet grocery stores, fine gourmet catalogs in print and on-line, smaller family-owned restaurants, cafes and markets. 

Do you have a restaurant? 

The Van Cleve family owned and operated a seafood market adjacent to their seafood restaurant for over a decade.  Voted 'Best Seafood Restaurant' for multiple years in a row and were featured in numerous magazines and newspapers for their outstanding fare.  They were bestowed as seafood experts appearing on NBC news in Washington, D.C. as well as being asked to do seafood educational videos on-line for Monkeysee.com.  The Van Cleve women closed their restaurants in 2012 to take their famous Crab Pie and their other seafood delicacies into full-time production.

What is the shelf life for your products? 

All of our products are made fresh and shipped frozen which we recommend using within 10 months.

How do you ship your products? 

Because our items are perishable, we ship our products with FedEx, using 2-day, ground or overnight delivery. All products are packaged in coolers with dry ice to ensure it arrives the same way it left our facility. No signature is required for delivery.

What if I am not home when the package arrives?

FedEx will leave your package if no one is home unless you specify otherwise when you place your order.  If you live you are shipping to an apartment community or a condo, please make sure access to your particular unit is available.

How do I dispose of the dry ice after the package arrives?

Your product is shipped with dry ice to maintain a low temperature and preserve quality and freshness. The dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) and will evaporate quickly.  The dry ice may in fact evaporate during transit to you.  If some remains, the dry ice can be disposed of by placing the Polystyrene Container outside or in a WELL ventilated area to allow complete evaporation.

*Safety Note and Precaution: Dry ice is extremely cold and may cause burns if handled without gloves. Also, it can damage your sink or other porcelain utilities. DO NOT DISPOSE OF IN PORCELAIN UTILITIES