About Us

For three generations the Van Cleve family has passionately made it their mission to share their one-of-a-kind Crab Pie with seafood lovers.  Their unique Crab Pie is a seafood dish with deep roots in early American history.

The beloved dish became the main menu item in the family’s restaurant and crabshack, where the Van Cleve mother-double daughter team served the Crab Pie and other gourmet seafood favorites to many loyal patrons garnering national media attention from prestigious publications and media outlets. They only served the best of the best and people drove for miles for their #1, fat, heavy male crabs and famous Crab Pie. It wasn’t long before word got out about Van Cleve gals’ exceptional crab fares and they affectionately became known regionally as the “Girls with Crabs.”

Demand soon became so great that the Van Cleve family decided to refocus their efforts beyond the single restaurant and made it their mission to get Van Cleve gourmet favorites on supermarket shelves. With passion, persistence and national exposure on “Supermarket Superstar,” a Lifetime TV series hosted by Stacy Keibler, the Van Cleve Crab Pie was introduced to America!

Today, the Van Cleve Seafood Company has grown from a small family-owned restaurant to a nationally known gourmet seafood company whose beloved dishes, sauces and spices can be packaged and delivered to every American front door and beyond. 


Our Mission 

Our mission is simple: to provide only the highest quality, gourmet seafood products that deliver on exceptional taste! We are driven by our passion for food, family and quality.

What that passion means to us: Passion is the fire within the fibers of our company that empowers and pushes us to make great seafood dishes that delight and bring happiness to our customers. This is what drive us to be the best we possibly can be and doing that as a family only makes our dedication that much stronger.

It is our sincere hope that you can taste all the love that goes into each and every one of our quality products.