just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...In a tiny wooden seafood shack back in 2001, Shelly Van Cleve and her daughters, Allie and Monica, began providing their small town in Virginia with something it so desperately lacked- Quality seafood with Quality customer service. Shelly had an inkling that if she was searching for quality seafood- other people must be, too! What started out primarily as a 'crab shack' quickly grew into something much bigger.

As their popularity and reputation for excellent seafood grew, so did their business. They began offering prepared foods as well as a larger variety of seafood that was always served with a smile- something customers weren't used to. Shelly put family recipes on the menu including her famous 200 year old "Blue Crab Pie" recipe with roots tracing back to an old Historical Virginia Manor, along with her mother's homemade gumbo and jumbo lump crab stuffed prawns. Once the word got out, they could no longer keep up with demand in their tiny wooden shack.

In 2004, they moved into a larger location, added a restaurant, gift shop and over 100 different varieties of fresh and frozen seafood. They kept to their mission of only providing the best seafood with the best customer service and it paid off as many customers would drive for hours just for their food, especially the famous Blue Crab Pie. The overwhelming demand for this product kept growing and convinced the girls that one day they should take their pie to the masses.

In 2013, not able to keep up with supply they decided it was time to focus all of their efforts on expanding production and securing distribution so they could share their pie with seafood lovers everywhere.

That year Monica took Blue Crab Pie on Lifetime TV's Supermarket Superstar reality show where she competed against other products for a chance to enter the retail food industry. Their beloved Blue Crab Pie got its national debut, hooked the attention of QVC and even the landed on the menu of the Executive Mansion of the Virginia Governor. It was even just recently featured on Oprah Magazine's "O" List of Favorite Things- a true honor and dream come true for the family!

The Van Cleve's haven't slowed down since and have taken crab pie along with their other items such as Scallop and Bacon Pies, Scallop Cakes, Blue Crab Ravioli, Crab Butta', Lobsta' Butta, Seafood Sauces and more into grocery store chains.The girls have made it their mission to change the standard of frozen seafood by focusing on quality and offering something unique and exciting to customers. From sourcing only the sweetest, juiciest scallops that are free from chemicals to partnering with local farmers like Wellshire Farms for the highest quality pork belly bits, The Van Cleve Seafood Co. is passionate about raising the bar and offering something truly better than the rest.

The male dominated seafood industry presents its challenges to this all female, family owned company but it's a challenge they've always enjoyed taking just like they take their shrimp-head on and with a lot of spice!


Our Mission 

Our mission is simple: to provide only the highest quality, gourmet seafood products that deliver on exceptional taste! We are driven by our passion for food, family and quality.

It is our sincere hope that you can taste all the love that goes into each and every one of our quality products.