Crab Pies

Crab Pie is a one of a kind seafood dish with deep roots in early American history. The recipe originated from the cookhouse of Stratford Hall, the birthplace of General Robert E. Lee. Verbally passed down to the Van Cleve family in 1991, it became a part of their holiday traditions. Years later the Van Cleve’s opened a seafood restaurant and put Crab Pie on the menu. The feedback was incredible and soon the family business could not keep up with the demand for the dish.

Crab Pie was sold at the restaurant, local farmer’s markets and even local wholesale accounts for more than 10 years and garnered media attention in prestigious publications. Richer and more decadent than a crab cake, loyal customers nicknamed the one of a kind dish, “Crab on Crack”. The Van Cleve’s knew they had a product worth sharing and introducing to the rest of the world when they realized customers were driving from many hours away for just a slice and requests from grocery stores to carry the product were coming in.