May 06, 2015

Meticulously hand crafted on the Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake Crab Pie™ originates from a 200 year old family recipe and is the perfect combination of quality crab meat, unique blend of cheeses and over 20 herbs and seasonings all baked in a flaky, pastry crust.

Crab pies built for two


AYES ON THE PIES: The size and ease of two-portion Chesapeake Blue Crab Pies and Chesapeake Red Crab Pies have won us over. The one-crust mini-pies are made by Van Cleve Seafood, a third-generation family business in Stevensville, Md., that began with a seafood restaurant. Although we found them to be a tad on the salty side, they are chock-full of Mid-Atlantic crabmeat, sport a flaky pastry crust and come in their own disposable baking pans. They can go straight from the freezer to the oven.